History of the Classic Hearse Register

The Classic Hearse Register (CHR) was first started back in 1993 by Dave Salmon, the main aim being to collect and record as much information about pre-’80 classic hearses that still survived, both roadworthy or sitting in fields/barns and sadly banger raced. Finally, thanks to a group of hearse enthusiasts eager to promote classic hearses to the public and the classic car scene (both an ongoing struggle), the club rapidly grew in size, a quarterly newsletter arrived a year later and membership continued to grow. Many rare and unusual hearses then came to light. Dave himself has several hearses being restored including a 1935 Humber.

In 1997, due to other commitments, Dave passed the club to Paul Harris who had a Princess hearse and an ambulance at the time. He now owns a unique Thomas Startin built Austin A/110 Westminster.

Running a club takes a lot of time and in 2000 it passed on to Mark Josey who’d had several hearses. It was during this time that the club launched its original website.

Finally, in 2003 I took over, the first female in the chair and I was subsequently joined by my partner Dean Reader (we met via the club) and between us we own 15 funeral vehicles.