A Pictorial History of the British Hearse 1800 – 2008A Pictorial History of the Irish Hearse 1800 – 2010Books on hearses and their history are quite popular now, with the majority coming from the USA although there have been some lovely examples coming from Germany and France too.

We Brits are also good at that game and in 2008, we produced the first book solely dealing with the British hearse. Titled ‘A Pictorial History of the British Hearse 1800 – 2008’, it was a limited run and sold out. We distributed it ourselves and therefore you will not find it available from book stores.

Next we looked at Irish hearses, a smaller version because despite writing to over 200 funeral directors throughout Ireland, we only heard from five! And again, a limited run was done and all are sold out.

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Then in 2012 we started on a new series of books looking at the changing designs via period adverts (use the drop down menu to read about and purchase these volumes).